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Charity Begins her Quest for Love Kicking Off Season 20 of the Bachelorette

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

I recorded two different versions of Bachelorette content for my Youtube channel and I didn’t like either one. I felt my spark was missing when I recorded my videos, so in lieu of doing another video, I’ll save my sarcasm thoughts for the next episodes, and use my downtime to blog this as well as other shows.

I want to keep this very short and sweet, so let’s focus in on the guys from night one who swept and sideswipe Charity off her feet.

Aaron B. Software Salesman, 29

Right off the bat, I was impressed with Aaron B. He could have done away with the “flipping the coin” fate stuff, but for the most part, he was engaging and kept the conversation interesting.

Aaron seems to be a well to do and very balanced man. He has a great career, and mind you we haven’t seen a lot of that in Bachelor history, since seasons past of Meatball Guy and his career as a “meatball enthusiast”, Aaron is very different. He enjoys working out, he’s very creative and even plays the piano.

During their one-on-one time, as they were getting to know each other, we all know, the producers always pull all the stops, having a piano ready for Aaron to play, wooing Charity off her feet.

A believer in fate, he whipped out his coin, heads he gets a kiss or tails she plays the piano. Of course, the coin flipped heads, and I have to say this, the kissing between Aaron and Charity, was probably one of the sexiest kisses I have seen on any bachelor episode. The kissing was very real and very hot. Perhaps Mario in the Gabby and Rachel season should take tips.

After that whole piano playing, I was banking on Aaron getting the first impression rose.

I think he really impressed Charity, he sure as hell impressed me.

Will he make it to the final four…he’s got a lot of potential. I would suggest, more piano playing and less coin tossing.

Joey Tennis Pro, 27

As much as Joey complained about being the shortest guy, he was definitely one of the more nervous guys. Charity really took a liking to him.

Their conversation was pretty much the superficial, “how is the weather”, type conversation and the whole time, Charity has the only googly eyes looking at him. Even when she held him close, the look of fear on his face, as if he didn’t know how to react, had me concern with his level of commitment and/or being comfortable with intimacy. Now of course that may be a little too deep, or assuming, however you may read this, but for me, facial features speak volumes. No one ever understands intimacy on a deep level to let themselves go and be vulnerable.

There are those who will keep their walls up as a defense mechanism and may think the person they are pursuing is going to hurt them in the end.

Age doesn’t play into the factor of fear of getting hurt or making a commitment to someone. That is the risk we all take. It’s just a matter of how to get out of that realm, trust in the process and let go.

Joey seems like a guy who’s interested in being in a relationship but upon his initial reaction from episode one, would probably run away at the prospects of something more serious.

I will say, on the part of Charity, there’s no doubt, she’s interested in Joey. But will be make it to the final four? Probably not.

James Attorney, 28

James took his moment with Charity to share a gift from his mom. A box adorned with a letter to Charity, homemade donuts and cider.

While the moment was…donut filled I shall say, while they both took bites out the donuts, the awkward part when Charity held her hand to her mouth covering herself, James followed suit, I mean after all, who wants to see themselves eating? At some point, they even reenacted the Lady and the Tramp moment when they met with the spaghetti, only for James and Charity….it was a donut.

I actually didn’t see sparks at all, however, those donuts looked really good.

On the flip side, for a mother to be so involved in her son’s life can go two ways.

The first way is, having a mom too involved in her son’s relationship and her son never saying anything like, “mom this is my life”.

The other way will be the son allowing his mom having a say in all of his decisions and never saying anything like, “mom this is my life”.

No winners in that situation at all. And while James may get a rose, I don’t see him as one of the final four.

Xavier Biomedical Scientist, 27

In Charity’s words, “Xavier, Xavier, Xavier”

There are so many characteristics of Xavier, where to begin?

The minute Xavier came out from that limo, Charity could not hide her attraction for him.

Xavier is a biomedical scientist and his choice of career was in part of dealing with his mom who suffers from an autoimmune disease.

Other than being a scientist, Xavier also likes to knit and play the ukulele! I sure didn’t see that one coming.

When he had his time alone with Charity, she asked him about how he feels towards vulnerability, he admitted, he had no problem sharing how he feels. Of course, everyone can say that in the beginning until the deep dive comes about and that’s when everything is called into question.

Do I believe Xavier is as forthcoming as he presents himself to be? Absolutely.

He’s not over the top. He’s simple and like to keep things simplistic. Just the fact he pursued a career within the biomedical field, due to his mom having this deficiency shows this is a person who wants to make a difference in lives and not sit and complain all day. And I know plenty of people who do that, just look at their Instagram or facebook page.

I’m betting Xavier will make the top four, even the last two, for as long as Brayden is out of the picture.

The Potential Problem Childs

Brayden Travel Nurse, 24

The minute Brayden came out from that limo, I knew he was a problem child. From the yoga at the beach, flying around on a ski, bunging jumping off bridges, it was very clear, this is not a person looking to settle down, but more of getting on television and perhaps making it to Bachelor in Paradise.

They gotta start somewhere, think about it.

Brayden had no issues expressing himself from his “fabulousity” to bragging around how he and Charity were kissing and that can get him the first impression rose.

Granted, he did not get the first kiss, what Brayden didn’t catch, in the midst of bragging about himself, there was a bartender present, hanging on every word he was saying, as well as all the guys who were speaking about Charity.

That bartender was Charity’s brother, in disguise.

Brayden wasted no time talking about himself to Charity, even spewing out the, “I can relate to your past experience”, bullshit by inserting his pain and hurt from past relationships.

I must admit, I have an adverse reaction to this shit, only because of the narcissistic abuse I experienced for a little more than a year. And when you’re dealing with a person who makes every situation about themselves, one must question, if they want to stay with that person for the long haul. That’s not to say, there aren’t people who can deal with their narcissism for as long as they are getting extensive therapy. The reality is, there are people will not get therapy, because their narcissistic personality will tell them it’s other people with the issues and not themselves.

Yes, there are different types of narcissistic personalities, but this isn’t a therapy session. Based on how Brayden displayed himself in episode 1, there were a lot of red flags the editors did not fail in piecing everything together.

I think Charity may have gotten caught up in Brayden’s looks, but for me, there isn’t much to look at, I guess because I already see the red flags, so he isn’t much of a looker.

When Nemehiah stood before the guys and ripped off that tacky hat, wig, and mustache, the slow drain of blood left all the guy’s faces. Immediately they went to the place of, “what did I say” while some were clear the one who should be worried was Brayden, being he was bragging about the kissing and how he was going to get that first impression rose right in front of her brother. Anyone with common sense doesn’t sit there and openly discuss what they were doing together and Brayden stood from the distance worried about what Nemehia might say to Charity.

When Nemehia had a talk with Charity to tell her about the disguise and having the opportunity to listen to the guys and their motives, he informed her of his concerns about “Boastful Brayden”.

Charity’s reactions were pretty much, “oh shit, I just had my tongue down this guy’s mouth, I have to talk to him.

Charity goes over to the guys, asked to speak to Brayden and all the guys are convinced, Brayden is going home.

Didn’t we all wish. After a “heated” discussion with Brayden defending his actions, calling it gullible and excited, I don’t know what point, when Charity said she needed a minute, got the first impression rose to give to Brayden. I must have watched that part a hundred times thinking did she come out and get the rose.

Needless to say, Brayden was very much secure into week 2.

The Rest of Potential Problem Children…

Adrian Realtor, 33

In short, Adrian acts like he’s interested but I think Adrian is exploring his options, however, he only has one option. And if he’s exploring, is he really serious about being in a long-term relationship?

Caleb B. Wrester, 24

I like Caleb, but just because he’s a wrestler, it doesn’t mean he’s not into a long-term relationship, but being in a relationship with someone who has to potentially travel because wrestling doesn’t only happen in one state, may not be a good deal.

Personally, for me, if I did meet someone who had to travel for business, I would probably be okay with that, considering, the line of work I’m in, I expect to be travelling as well.

Relationships will always meet its challenges but in the end, Caleb will not be part of the final four.

Spencer Medical Sales Director, 32

I’m not sure about Spencer. He’s rather strange or comes off strange. He doesn’t seem well put together and considering there are cameras capturing every moment, maybe he’s nervous. No one ever will know what it’s like in front of the cameras, capturing your every move for the whole world to watch.

As I stated in my video, I don’t see Spencer surpassing episode 2. There is no real connection with him and Charity. Why she gave him a rose, I have no clue.

And finally…

Sean Software Sales Rep, 25

This one makes me suspect he’s not there for Charity but only for himself. Narcissists vibes for sure, but the quiet one. The one who will tell you everything you need to hear and more but lies to your face.

He’s kinda like, Hayden, who sacrificed his dog to meet Gabby and Rachel. wonder what Sean scarified?

Who Got the Roses:

Aaron B, John, Xavier, Joey, Caleb B., Warwick, Aaron S., Caleb A, Adrian, James, Sean, Michael, Tanner, Dotun, Kaleb K., John Henry, Josh, Spencer

Photo credit: ABC Television

Until then…Take care of you.

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Truth Teller
Truth Teller
12 sept 2023

Marabelle I really can't wait to see the reaction video. Everything you said is on point. This content needs to be number one in the reality zone.

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