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Jackie's Role on RHONJ Scaled Down to Friend Zone

According to Jackie, she is just fine with the "role friend", even though it was an "ego punch", but was this a long time coming?

When Jackie first arrived to the show, she was private about her life, with the exception of her eating disorder. She wasn't open about discussing money or property she owned but yet, didn't have an issue calling out Jennifer who had no issues flaunting her richness to everyone who would pay attention to her.

When Teresa took it up one herself to attend Evan's birthday party, while Jackie was wishing her husband, happy birthday, Teresa went around to everyone at the party telling them, Evan cheated on Jackie.

As much as Jennifer is probably one of the worst humans on the face of the earth, I can see why Bravo producers keep her, as oppose to Jackie.

The sad reality, with so much backstabbing, name calling and betrayal of friendships, people would be bored watching happy people who are successful.

Why not get rid of Teresa? For some reason, going to jail is the "in thing", and then coming out being a yoga guru. Makes me wonder what Jen Shah will complete when she comes out.

Regardless, good luck to Jackie, sometimes, these shows aren't worth the drama of sticking around, especially when you have someone like Teresa who raises her daughters to be disrespectful to their elders.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is slated to begin on February 7th and the ladies are already making the circuits about Teresa's wedding and probably the nonsense that followed, because she sure didn't marry a winner.


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