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Meanwhile in Cleveland....The Bachelor Journey Continues

Chris Harrison comes in to greet the ladies to let them know Peter is no longer in LA and there will be no date which leaves stunned looks.

As Chris expresses the journey will begin all around the the world and getting all them girls excited, he gives them clues of their next stop, a city filled with art and culture and rock and roll….

Are you ready???


Yeah that didn’t fly well with the ladies but, as soon as they did arrive to Cleveland the first date card, “let our love sore to new heights”, went to Victoria F., leaving the ladies more distressed, especially Mykenna who is literally losing her mind and getting deeper into her vocal fry voice. “It’s her dream guy” and she’s losing out.

Because after all if she does not land Peter, there’s no one else.

As Victoria arrives on her date with Peter, she thinks she’s going skydiving because she’s afraid of heights, they fly over to an amusement park. After going on some rides, Peter walks her over to a “private” concert with Chase Rice, who just happens to be Victoria’s ex boyfriend.

Now you tell me what a fucking coincidence, Chase Rice would be the person to perform for them. I mean really Bachelor producers???

While Chase Rice is singing, he’s making eyes at Victoria, making her feel uncomfortable and now she doesn’t seem like herself on this date And when the concert was over, Peter has a conversation with Chase letting him know how the date was going and what were the next steps between he and Victoria.

Victoria, on the other hand is talking with a producer, telling her she plans on being forthcoming with Peter she was with Chase at one time. She even confides in a producer (because that’s how they do there, they have a producer following the contestants making them believe shit or having them do shit to the bachelor or other women in the house), that she told Chase she was planning on coming to the show and he didn’t want her to come on to the show.

During dinner she does tell him she and Chase dated and she broke it off with him because the lifestyle he led was something she did not desire. Taking pauses in between and not knowing what else to say, after Peter questioned her, if she still had feelings, she told him no (and she was being truthful), however Peter is still stunned at the fact, here they were on this date, dancing around while Chase is singing (to her no less) and it looks uncertain for them as she walks away to cry in a corner.

Back at the house, a distressed Mykenna is hoping not to be on the group date card as the women discussed and wondered how Victoria is doing on the date.

The date card arrives and it reads the following: Victoria P, Kiaara, Kelley, Deandra, Madison, Lexi, Shaiann, Tammy, Sydney, Hannah spoiled Ann, Savannah and Mykenna.

Leaving Kelsey who was not on the card get’s the one on one with Peter.

Back at the one on one with Victoria, Peter finds her crying in a dark corner and comforts her. He thanks her for being honest, because that was all he wanted from the beginning from anyone he is perusing a relationship with. While they are hugging, Peter laughs that they danced in front of her ex and while Victoria is still mortified, Peter took this in stride and said, “can we just laugh at it.”

The night ends with Peter giving Victoria the rose.

During the football game at the group date, everyone is playing hardcore because a lot of the girls who haven’t had serious one on one time are fighting to spend more time with him now that the drama of Alayah no longer exist.

However being both teams played hard, the game ended in a tie, leaving everyone to enjoy the dinner party, however they were not happy, because it meant less time for each one them.

While Victoria P. steals more one on one time with Peter and the other women sit back and complain how she spent time with him in the field and now hogging up more time during the group date, mainly Shainn who hasn’t really gotten any real time.

It’s sad because we know Shainn is one of the “bench warmers” who will not get any real one on one time with Peter, let alone all of her one on one time has been disrupted by someone else who had spent much more time with Peter. Same with Tammy who’s in a world of her own in what she thinks she had a relationship with Peter. I think if anyone lived in Tammy’s head, they would see Tammy is already married to Peter, as she is chasing their first child in a park somewhere.

While Shainn is with Peter, who walks, but none other than Alayah, disrupting Shiann’s one on one with Peter, leaving both of them speechless.

While she explains herself as to how Peter was manipulated by the girls, Peter admits he let the girls get the best of him and he noticed how confused she was when he brought up how Victoria P. claimed she didn’t know Alayah that well.

According to Alayah, she and Victoria P didn’t just know each other for a few hours – they were actually friends but Victoria is spewing another story.

Even when Peter got the both of them together, both of them played coy, Victoria claiming she doesn’t know, Alayah saying, “we know each other”, what the fuck?

I mean the vocal fry is more annoying at the fact they were sitting here playing, “who’s that girl”.

Now that she’s “back”, Tammy talks about her upset on how time is being robbed again because she can’t talk to her boyfriend….

Her “boyfriend…”

I’m confused here. Everyone is dating this guy. No one is a boyfriend/girlfriend in this situation.

Getting back to Peter and this shitshow of Alayah coming back, he says in his conversation with her that he made a mistake in sending her home.

Not only does he make a “mistake” in sending her home, he makes another big mistake by giving her the rose which infuriates every girl on that date.

It gets even worse when Alayah discloses to the other girls that Victoria dated Chase Rice.

Moving on to the one on one date with Kelley and I have to say, other than it being a boring and short date, while they were talking after dinner about their personal lives, it seems Kelley forced an emotional story where there doesn’t seem to be. In short, she got a rose, and she’s here for now.

Meanwhile back at the hotel, Victoria confronts Alayah after finding out the girls know about Chase Rice. The only way anyone would know is because Alayah got a chance to be on the outside and find out information via the internet.

So after Alayah got read (and she believe me she got read), Victoria made it a point she was going to let Peter know exactly what she did.

Now here’s my thing, shouldn’t this bitch be scared? Instead she is sitting on the bed with some stupid smirk on her face like she has it all together. Why…..????? would anyone open their big mouth like that, especially just having gotten a second chance?

Does she really think she is that invincible?


Now that the rose ceremony is in order and Peter comes in to greet the girls, before he takes Victoria P. to talk to her – two of the woman confront him about their disdain on how he handled Alayah.

Peter apologized for his actions, however, it makes me wonder, in a real life situation, does a man really get that confused?

He asked Victoria P. if he can speak to her and she says yes but she really doesn’t want to speak to him but then she does. He asked her to sit, she says she can’t sit but sits anyway. UGH!

WTF? I mean does this bitch want to go home? Is this attitude really necessary? If I were Peter I would have been like, look bitch you don’t want to talk, there’s a door, go home.

Now while Peter is talking to Victoria, the girls began arguing with Alayah about her big mouth. As you know Victoria F. didn’t waste any time telling Peter what she did and without going around in a circle, guess what…Peter realizes HELLO, this chic is not right in her mind.

Even while she was defending herself to Peter, she called it when she said the women think she is theatrical.

Yeah bitch you are. The crying is fake, the distress is fake, the whole, “I care about you” attitude is fake. It’s all fake.

To Be Continued….

Until then.

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