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Clayton Echard is Celebrating not Being a Dad, but….

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

It’s funny how I mentioned Clayton on my last video on the Golden Bachelor premier, although I called him Colton by accident.

I just happened to come across this article about Clayton celebrating, and in Maury Povich’s voice, “You are not the father” for an alleged one-night stand which led an anonymous woman suing him claiming he was the dad of her twins.

I don’t know if it’s a good idea to be posting on your Instagram the travesty of not being a dad or the denial of the one-night stand…which one sounds better?

After extensively blogging on the Clayton season, I can see why he just wasn’t worth the tears over not getting a rose.

Granted, Rachel and Gabby cried a lot that day but was it because of Clayton, or was it because they were used.

I always remind my friends and even myself, when a situation occurs is it because of “you” or is it because of the specific person causing the pain.

We always want to look at the person and not the whole situation itself. We want to place blame instead of saying, this is a fucked up situation, let me get out of this shit now before it gets worse.

Clayton is not a prize, in my opinion. It seems he has a lot of growing up to do and after all of this time, I suspect Clayton still likes to taste test anything, for as long as it doesn’t include a long-term commitment, especially in the baby department. Even if he was the father, that doesn’t constitute he has to make a commitment to the baby’s mother but making a commitment to be part of the children’s lives, more than just in a financial setting.

Clayton said in his Instagram post, how much he’s learned from this experience, just tells me that he will probably use a condom next time.

And you have heard me say this, time and time again, relationships are challenges.

The word challenge doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, it simply means, every day you make a commitment with someone and continue to make efforts to keep your relationship alive and remain open to communicating, even in difficult moments.

Clayton Echard not a dad
Clayton on a group date in Season 26 of The Bachelor

Clayton seems to show he doesn’t want to understand the level of respect for relationships, which he proved on his season. Not only disclosing how he slept with both Gabby and Rachel at a rose ceremony, but also letting them know he told Susie, hence the reason why she wasn’t present for the rose ceremony and how confused he was being in love with all of them.

Even the day of, when sending Gabby home, Clayton was filled with an assortment of excuses as to why all the relationships were going south, aka, *I didn’t sleep with Susie, and I need time to taste the goods*. Did he really think Gabby wasn’t going to see through that?

I think this was a pivotal point for Gabby personally, especially when Clayton asked if he can walk her out. Why should he?

Clayton shouldn’t have to get a joy of putting her in a car and discarding her like she was yesterday’s trash and his Instagram post is just a continuation of implication, * Yeah, I slept with the bitch, but the kid ain’t mine*.

Haven’t we seen enough of these “trends” on social media, where one believes being an incel is someone else’s fault, but yet no one wants to take responsibility for their own behaviors.

Doesn’t surprise me this rag of entertainment news continues to promote these types of unhealthy circus posts like, “great news Clayton is not the father”.

Clayton also mentions he didn’t sleep with this woman.

For me, this isn’t a case of did he or didn’t he, it’s a matter of the moralistic values, which in my opinion, he does not have, to go on his Instagram, celebrating something when he should just not say anything.

Sometimes silence speak volumes. In this case, his agent or manager, if he has one, should have suggested this piece of advice instead of proving what we already know Clayton is…..[insert those thoughts here LOL].

Claytons' Instagram post:

Until then. Take care of you!

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Oct 11, 2023

He’s a clown. I watched that post. He’s all giddy with himself. Gross.

Truth Teller
Truth Teller
Oct 12, 2023
Replying to

Yeah he has no shame.


Truth Teller
Truth Teller
Oct 11, 2023

This guy is a jerk. Probably one of the worst bachelors in history next to Juan Pablo. And all this "support" from Susie's family. WTF????? Dude just sticking his thing anywhere. He shouldn't really be celebrating. He should be sticking his face in his ass right where it belongs.

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