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Real Housewives of New Jersey – “C U Next Tuesday”

Before I get started, let me just say, thank you to Bravo for the “Inside Episode” for the first one I missed. I was happy to see a new season with Margaret at the helm it seems. If anyone remembers when Margaret Joseph’s joined the cast, she was introduced from one who became the least favorable with a quickness that season. I will keep her name out, but she quoted, “know your worth” quite often.

I have always loved Margaret. She has a unique style I appreciate.

Having experienced the wrath of “knowing your worth” and then Danielle, what we started to see what was behind these “wraths” was Teresa. But this shouldn’t be anything new to the avid fans who watch Real Housewives of New Jersey.

As a matter of fact, between episodes 1 and 2, we were honored with several flashbacks of Teresa calling Danielle a prostitution whore, fighting with her brother Joe and her sister-in-law, Melissa, inventing stories about her and lest not forget, how her then husband Joe Giudice, was allegedly cheating on her and then calling everyone out she hated with these lies.

No doubt, Teresa has been through the gamut. She was married to a husband who at times (and maybe even most times) didn’t have much respect for her. She and Joe were arrested on fraud charges for which she did time and soon after, her husband followed.

During his time in prison, it seemed to have changed the scope of where their relationship was going or perhaps everything which transpired throughout their relationship was the straw that broke the camels back.

Can we agree, Teresa found some peace during her time in prison? Maybe? I think people get lost in, once you do yoga, you’re a completely changed person. That’s only part of it my friends. The other part of real change is action. And Teresa definitely has shown that but in the opposite direction.

Nevertheless, in the interest of “Namaste”, Teresa was out making her amends, one of them being to Danielle Staub and her daughters for embarrassing her during the “Table that Turns” episode.

I’m left to wonder what were Teresa’s real intentions…with anyone. One minute Margaret was her friend, praising her for thinking of her mom (while Miss “know your worth” was infuriated because it wasn’t her who made the sweet gesture), the next minute, she was on her hate list. Was it because Melissa found a kindred spirit when it came to building her Envy Store brand and making her own strides? Or is it because Teresa makes friends out of convenience, because such people do exist. I speak from my own personal experience with others who called me their friend, but could care less about me.

Fast forward to when Jackie made her appearance, her “turned up” nose attitude, along with the request for privacy on her life was questioned, when she wrote an article not too long after visiting Jennifer Aydin’s house for a children’s birthday party. The article titled, “Do too many gifts create spoiled children?”, which was posted on the North New Jersey website, had the rest of the ladies feeling as though Jackie was being judgmental on how they decided to raise their children, seeming to ruffle up Theresa’s feathers all the more.

In addition to the article, no matter what Jackie did or said, it only made Theresa more upset with Melissa when she chose to stay friends with Jackie and not choosing the right side, in other words, Teresa’s side.

Teresa has had a long history of being angry with people who don’t side with her unrealistic views on how she sees other people who’ve “attacked” her in one form or another and how she felt they have treated her. It’s almost as if the childish school attitude of, “they have the cooties”, never left her.

The beginning of this season, didn’t fail with drama but it made me question, why is Teresa still on the show?

What does she have to offer, other than, still hating on Jackie and going to her husband’s birthday party and telling lies to anyone who would listen how Jackie’s husband is lying about going to the gym and really out fucking other women.

This is low class for anyone.

I would be damned if I ever speak to anyone again after inviting them to a celebratory event, only to have someone talking shit, while there, about my family. This goes against the grain of any level of friendship or even an associate.

When Teresa showed up at that birthday party and began making the rounds, I was turned off. After Jackie finding out what Theresa was doing, instead of meeting up at each other’s houses or going to a restaurant, they made plans to meet up with her on a neutral ground, being Margaret’s house.

It didn’t surprise me at all that Teresa would justify her antics on what she said about Jackie’s husband, even though it was a lie. Even Jackie, coming forward and being vulnerable, clearly hurting by what Teresa did at her party, it didn’t help when Jackie used Gia as an example of, “I heard Gia does coke in bathrooms at parties”. This analogy did not fly well with Teresa…at all. She left the house screaming and cursing so much, there were more beeping sounds than actually hearing Teresa’s voice.

While I can understand why Jackie used that as an example, just for the education level for Teresa, perhaps a different analogy would have fared better. Maybe Jackie should have used Melissa as an example, because deep down inside, Teresa does not like Melissa. She never has and she never will.

And even so, if Jackie used Melissa in her analogy, Teresa will still take it literal, telling Melissa what she said and still would go back and ask her what side is she going to take, while in the same breath, baiting her brother Joe into making him believe more lies. (See the insanity here?)

While it seems as though it looks like Melissa is “cheating” on her husband Joe, the trailers featured is only giving us a portion of what is going on with Melissa and who she is texting, so I will give her the benefit of the doubt.

In all the years, Melissa has been on this show, she has never given any inclination she would destroy her marriage and family with some other dude. She is too committed, even during the times Joe belittled her business ideas, he still came around and supported her.

When you think of Danielle and Kim D and Teresa, they all are, well, not really trustworthy, but in Kim D’s case, she does not hide who she is, so no one should be surprised, if you decided to share a secret with Kim D., promise everyone will know.

As for Teresa and her strikingly, similar Joe Giudice, boyfriend, I can’t see anything else she can give to the RHONJ.

I’m not saying there’s nothing wrong with drama, after all this is the reason why we all tune in, but the trash talk, the use of the word cunt and the vile games on other people’s lives is a no for me. Get Teresa a better storyline if she is going to stay, because this one sucks.

I have to give a quick mention to Dolores, who seems to be officially part of the cast. I say that because it didn’t seem she was and I left feeling as though, is she a friend of the show or is she on the show.

Dolores seems to be in this limbo world with her relationship with David. Last season, if you recall, Delores and her ex-husband, Frank are now house flippers and the best of friends. Which everyone around her found bizarre, because how could anyone be friends with their ex.

Believe me, I’m right there too. After my horrible breakup with my ex in 2000, believe it or not, he is one of my best friends. There is no attraction at all, but what I would find a bit bizarre, if my ex was friends with someone I was currently with. Too close for comfort, for me. But for Dolores, Frank and David, it seems to work out. Even so, Frank had a horrible fall in one of the house constructions and he was temporarily living with David while recovering. Hey if it works out for all, more power to them.

But for Dolores, it seemed she was “okay” at attending events and making excuses for David’s absence. In addition to his lack of being present, while Dolores and Frank were building this house for David, it was uncertain, whether Dolores would be living with him.

Look, I like Dolores’ can-do attitude and fuck everyone else in what they think but deep down inside, I’m sure she would like more of a commitment from David, instead of being in this part time relationship, “I see you when I see you”.

Relationships are difficult as it is, but when you have someone who leaves you in the lurch, is that even okay? Especially when the topic comes up several times, David walks away and you have Frank picking up the pieces giving advice to David and asking him what he plans on doing with Dolores and their relationship. That’s where it gets a little too close for comfort.

Are we going to be stuck yet again watching Dolores attend events with Frank minus David?

I guess like me, we will all have to keep watching.

Until then. Take Care of You.

photo credits: Bravo TV

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