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SISEA Bill and What that Means for You and Your Business

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Hey everyone, alas the podcast I promised to put together and truly a challenge.

I realized in creating this podcast - the first one, I was too busy focused on sounding and preaching what I had seen others say on Twitter, instead of trusting my own knowledge and education.

I had to emotionally step aside from others who were only using this bill to put attention on themselves and inciting unnecessary fears, especially when it comes in the form of groups giving themselves "official titles" when they are nothing more than anyone else also trying to survive within this business.

Once I was able to find my own way, I was able to focus my notes and reading the actual bill and the press release on Jeff Merkeley's site about this bill, I spoke about this topic from a business perspective.

While people may not agree with my thoughts, it's okay, because if we all agreed, we would not have been able to share our different thoughts and gain perspective on others, from the ones I respect.

Below are some links which may be helpful for you in understanding this bill and how to follow up on what happens next.

Here is the link to my current podcast

and you can listen to all my shows anytime, which you can also find on the Podcast page link on top of the navigation bar.

I found this Youtube account from a guy who spoke on the SISEA bill (although I disagree with one comment).

And here is the section 230 I mentioned on my podcast from the EFF website, which is one of the most reputable sites I know have been around for years:

Thank you for taking the time to listen and supporting my show.

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