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So…Who’s Matt James?

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Let’s start off with prayer.

Just kidding. I know that’s mean but hey… it’s who Matt James is.

A newbie to the Bachelor family, Matt James, born in North Carolina from a interracial home, having a black father and a white mom, Matt is our first black bachelor to the franchise.

It was nice to see Matt didn’t use any shortcomings for not having a father present in his life while being raised in a single parent home, you can see, his mother would have done anything for her son to see him succeed.

Matt had a short stint career in the NFL, previously having played college football at Wake Forest University. Moving to NYC he had become a real estate broker and founded ABC Food Tours, to give children the experience of empowerment, encouraging self-esteem and good health.

As we get to know Matt, one of the things he had mentioned, how he was looking for someone who’s resilient and strong and whose been through a storm and knows how to come out from it.

Not for nothing, I don’t know many 23-year-old women who have. Granted there are external situations that may occur in their lives, I get that, but for the sake of relationships, probably not. That’s not to say Matt, who’s 28, hasn’t had his own experiences.

Seeing a new person come into the Bachelor franchise is refreshing, however, it’s just the same game being played, just with a whole new set of players.

However, the new players are still playing old games. Take “Queen” Victoria for example. Donning a crown, no different from Erica Rose in the 9th season of the Bachelor with Lorenzo Borghese. If anyone can recall Erica had her own collection of tiaras and was eventually sent packing in week three. As for Victoria, seemingly unemployed, in her bio is noted as a “Queen”.

***Spoiler Alerts***

Some ladies were different. We had professional ballerina Alicia who showed off her perfect Pirouettes (I’m not being sarcastic y’all, I have mad respect for dancers), but not given a rose.

Chelsea, a runway model, having the perfect walk and the dress she wore, not only did she “make it work” she did receive a rose at the rose ceremony.

Khaylah, who’s also from the NC, had no problems reassuring Matt, not only was the one for him but the most confident, almost to an annoying level, did receive a rose as well.

Kalli, however, walks in a bra and panties asking Matt her opinion on what she should wear. One of the girls mentioned, “well at least she has a robe on”…..

Because it’s cool walking in, half naked?

Saneh walked in with goat feet while Katie (aka dildo) brought Matt a vibrator which apparently got her through Covid, but now got stuck with being called dildo or the girl with the dildo.

In traditional Bachelor fashion, Matt began his journey getting to know as many women as he could before the first rose ceremony. Although Serena, who didn’t jump in to talk to Matt, while “Queen” unemployed Victoria spoke to him multiple times, busting in on others just to get more time, complained more about her concerns on not getting a rose instead of focusing on why she didn’t take the initiative to talk to him. She did, however, get a rose.

The conversations between the women were more like, perhaps the alcohol was getting to them. I can only put it like when one would smoke weed and then you have the answers to the universe, while Victoria’s disruptions were more like the unpleasant disruptions when someone messes with your “high”.

I will say this, her conversations with Matt didn’t garner any sparks whatsoever, more as if she was in the way of letting Matt getting to know women who were in better places in their lives and can offer a lot more than what she was offering, a basic crown.

Even so, when Matt gave the final rose and called out Victoria’s name, his face was filled with pain instead of a pleasantry exchange of looking forward to getting to know her.

If Victoria lasts more than three weeks, I see her only on group dates and not one to one. If she last longer than three weeks, if she does get a one to one, it will be to send her home.

Matt was clearly captivated with Abigail. He was charmed with her vulnerability and her way of expression. Their conversation was stimulating and real. Probably one I haven’t seen in a long time of Bachelor/Bachelorette firsts. It didn’t take too long for him to decide to give her the first impression rose, before melting into her arms as he leaned in to kiss her.

It was better to see it this way than watching women throw themselves at men, thinking if they stick their tongue down a man’s throat that will win them a rose for sure.

I also like how the rose was placed right where Victoria was sitting, unless by chance she sat near the rose and thought maybe he would kneel and give it to her right there for all the women to see. Even better when Matt picked up the rose and walked away, leaving her flustered and confused. It’s amazing and sad how clueless some women can be.

As the rose ceremony drew upon the women, most who didn’t get to talk to him were extremely concerned they were not going to get a rose, but the same concern was aired for the women who did get a chance to speak to Matt, and left wondering if what they said was enough to keep him interested, or keep them on television (pick your poison).

As for Matt, realizing he had to send women home wasn’t an easy feat. And the one who seemed to have taken it the hardest was the ballerina Alicia.

I have to say, with a television show like this, it only makes me wonder, how many women are crying over a man they barely know or are the tears for the cameras no longer being around documenting a relationship, which most times doesn’t last.

So, the roses went like this:

Bri, Rachel, Chelsea, Sarah, MJ, Serena P., Khaylah, Kristin, Kit, Magi, Pieper, Mari, Ileana, Jessenia, Kali, Marylynn, Serena C., Lauren, Sydney, Alana, Katie (dildo), Anna and the final rose, Victoria, but again, no surprise there.

This show wouldn’t have drama if you didn’t have a drama queen.

Until then. Take care of you.


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