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The Home Stretch Now Determines Tayshia’s Pick

Coming into the middle of replacing Clare as all the guys stuck around watching her relationship with Dale flourish, a lot of the guys were ecstatic as the new Bachelorette, Tayshia was introduced to the group of guys. And while some were happy, one chose not to stick around because his feelings were still with Clare.

As a matter of respect for Tayshia, Jason felt it was better for him to remove himself from this portion of the Bachelorette.

****Spoiler Alerts*****

As I continued to catch up on all of the episodes, just to remember all that happened so I can write about this accurately, I was surely convinced Ben would have been her choice. So to see him not get a rose over Ivan, I was taken aback. That’s not to say Ivan isn’t a good choice, Ivan is a great guy but watching both Tayshia and Ivan together is like watching long lost cousins reunite wasn’t normal for me. And it shouldn’t be normal for anyone. Even as a step brother/step sister pair (don’t take me there LOL).

While Ivan was lost in his emotions when his brother came in the door, I was lost with the emotions that followed. Did I miss something?

Not to mention in all of the years I’ve been watching this show (on and off), I remain at a loss with all the boo hoo and tears when families reunite as if they have not seen them in years. Granted when any of these contestants go off the radar to do this show, the emotions are too high, with the hugs, etc. and the phoniness follows when families pull the bachelor/bachelorette aside for this “hot seat” chat, which almost leads to nowhere.

In any given normal circumstances, I’ll use me as an example. When my parents met shitshow, they were reluctant, however, gave him a chance to show who he was. It didn’t take long (a few weeks at best) for them to figure out they couldn’t stand him, they didn’t like his lack of participation of how he cared for me (but by then I was faking this relationship was going well), also the lack of wanting to work, etc. While my situation was a bit more extreme, as you can see it took but a few weeks (maybe less).

In this Bachelor type setting, families have but a few hours to get to know a person and while some may be more intuitive, there are others who are downright judgmental. Take for example the Andrew Firestone season, it was down to Jen Scheft (barf) and Kristen. When Andrew’s brother met Kristen, he went on his own firestorm, laying down the law that Kristen was not the one for him. The meeker and demurer Jen was a better choice because it seemed Jen wasn’t interested in the Firestone fortune, and it seemed Kristen was?

Clearly, brotherly “love” issues there.

Getting back to Tayshia and having to meet the families, they all welcomed her with open arms, even Zac’s family.

Viewing at her relationship with each guy, I see Zac as more of a lustful relationship, which won’t last because once that lust has surpassed what else do you have left?

For anyone thinking I’m judging because of Zac having a drug past, stop right there. I have 29 years clean and sober, so you can get those thoughts out from your head.

The reason why I don’t see Tayshia and Zac as a good match due to the lust factor. There’s only so much a relationship can survive on sex alone.

Then we have Brendan. Such a cutie pie. My mom says he looks like her grandson (my nephew. Brendan, for me was the second choice after Ben, at times even the first.

Why Brendan is a great choice, because he’s true to himself and what he desires in a healthy relationship. After having the experience of marriage at a young age, being on this show gave him a real perspective on what he needs for his life right now, and that doesn’t include getting down on one knee.

I’m glad Brendan took the high road with this one. As much as he loved Tayshia, it was more important to establish consistency rather than play into the whole “shocking ending with a proposal” for the sake of viewership.

My mom was in tears watching that moment, while I was not, I was rooting for Brendan for understanding relationships should not end on one knee after three months with a proposal. Fifty/fifty props for the Neil Lane date, showing Brendan a collection of rings and putting him on the spot, and the other fifty for putting him on the spot for him to make a decision on what the outlook of his life was and how marriage should not be taken lightly, just because it’s a television show.

As for Ben, who looks like Tayshia “allowed” him back, if you recall in season’s past, once a contestant was gone, they were gone for good. It’s only in recent seasons, we’ve seen people come back to reclaim what they lost, asking for a second chance, whether they got it or not remained at the choice of the Bachelor/Bachelorette. Even at some point, they allowed an extra rose because they were undecided and needed more time. Nothing wrong with that.

Ben had every opportunity to tell Tayshia exactly how he felt, so did the other guys and they didn’t either but in subtle ways, they did. So why was Ben sent home?

I believe Tayshia may have expected too much in that moment and when she didn’t get what she wanted, she sent him home, instead of following her heart.

There are times the heart wants what it wants, but that doesn’t mean we will get it in our time.

With Ben being back, I think Zac is out of the picture. Will it come down to Ben and Ivan….perhaps.

Will Ben be her choice?

It just might be.

Until then. Take care of you.


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