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The Married at First Sight – Boston Intros and Weddings

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

I’m sucked in again. As I didn’t watch last season according to my cousin, it seems I missed a doozy. While we had the Atlanta relationships, star performer, Chris who swindled Paige at every turn he can take just to stay on television, apparently a contestant on season 13 wasn’t as honest either.

Let’s get right into it.

The first series of episodes are getting to know the couples and the preparation of wedding day. But first you know, I gotta share my feelings about this, if you don’t know already.

When I first started watching was literally the first episode with Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner, who are still together. Jamie, if y’all remember, came from the Ben Flajnik season of the bachelor. It didn’t work out as Jamie truly seemed out of her element and was sent home broken hearted. She gave love another chance in the most unconventional fashion, although it’s not anything new, arranged marriage.

The premise of this show, are couples are paired up through a “scientific experiment”. I would think after 13 seasons and now going on season 14, is it still a scientific experiment?

Anyway, here are the couples who have been paired: Mike “the Shark” and Lindsey, Noi and Steve, Katina and Olajuown, Jasmina and Michael, Alyssa and Chris.

Let’s get into the couples and how some may not last and why.

Mark and Lindsey

Mark signed up for MAFS some time ago, but sadly was rejected only because they could not find a match. Now here we are and apparently, they found Lindsey, who’s questionable behavior makes me wonder if this scientific experiment actually worked for him.

Mark is a person who wears his heart on his sleeve. He has cats so he was specific about finding someone who’s not allergic to cats. Lindsey who is allergic to cats made the comment they are closer to death, being they are up there in age.

Lindsey must have missed the memo that some cats can actually live beyond 20. I had two of them who did.

Since the experimenters failed in actually finding someone for Mark who’s not allergic to cats, they also seem to fail at finding someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Now while I understand both have their challenges when it come to their family relationships, however, Mike seems to be more of an upbeat person, where Lindsey reminds me of shitshow in the sense she may not be as light hearted and overly dramatic.

I don’t know what the reasoning behind the “confessionals” with Lindsey discussing other cast members as she seemed to like all the ladies with the exception of Alyssa.

Just for clarification, she was paired with Mark, not Alyssa.

Wedding day also came with its challenges. Lindsey had a lot to drink. So much so, when she arrived at the location where the wedding was being held, she had to go to the bathroom. When one of the producers asked her where her vows were, she began stripping, removing both straps of the dress, claiming she had put it somewhere in her bra, although it didn’t seem she was wearing one. On her way to the bathroom, she let out a belch that could have lasted for days.

Finally taking care of business and getting to the altar, she meets Mark for the first time. The mention of the nickname the Shark, garnered a response, “Oh I don’t like sharks”.


Between the burping, the cat comment, I don’t like sharks, and perhaps wouldn’t appreciate being “Mrs. Shark”, I honestly don’t see this relationship panning out at all. And that’s just the surface. What I see is a pairing of someone self-centered and someone super loving. I just hope Mark doesn’t put himself in a position where he’s so desperate to be in a relationship, he stays for the sake of that.

Katina and Olajuwon

Oh boy where do I begin?

Why, why, why did we pair this gorgeous goddess Katina and playboy Olajuwon?

It was clear from the beginning Katina is a person who’s tired of the dating scene. Don’t be mistaken, Katina is a beautiful woman, but that doesn’t mean she is exempt from meeting jerks and ones who won’t cheat. The experience Katina has had being in the dating scene hasn’t been great and now having been paired with Olajuwon, makes me wonder is this a good pairing or did they just pair her with a guy she would meet at the local club but this time she got married to him.

I spoke on this on my Youtube ( - and for the entire video on my front page.

The day of their bachelor/bachelorette party, Olajuwon didn’t hesitate on showing his ass, dancing all around the dancer and letting the guys know he wants his wife to be freaky with him and go out to topless clubs with him.

In the meantime, here we have Katina who has zero interest in any type of fetish whatsoever.

Being a person who’s in the lifestyle of fetish, this poses a BIG problem. When a person likes or have needs to have fetish incorporated into their bedroom, it’s not an option a person can turn that off just because their partner says I don’t want to partake or experiment with our bedroom life. And let’s avoid the psychiatric route, as people tend to think being freaky is a bad thing. On the contrary, many couples are into trying new things to spice up their bedroom life and the last time I checked, for as long as the partners are communicating with each other, this isn’t a bad thing.

However, in the case with Katina and Olajuwon, I wonder of the survival of their relationship looking past the “freaky” side of Olajuwon. My main concern, seeing the upcoming episodes, his control issues and how he speaks to Katina. For example, “who is that”, “we are married”, “you are MY wife”, emphasis on my as if Katina is some type of toy he owns and owns alone.

Yes, in the sanctity of marriage, both have taken vows to love and respect one another. But this show is about an experiment of matching people – this isn’t about love. It’s about if they are compatible and eventually fall in love, then the experiment is supposed to show, it worked. Let’s not forget the ratio of the success of the relationships though.

According to Google, I typed in two different word searches which one gave me a 30% success rate while another had a 24% success rate. Not very great numbers for a show that’s been on for 14 seasons.

While things are blissful for now, we are always on our best behavior when making a first impression, that is until something provokes for the true person to come out. As I am not sure how many weeks go by when Katina and Olajuwon had that argument, it only confirms, for me, this is not a pair who will last at the rate they are going. Other than the “playboy” attitude, Olajuwon also has control issues.

How did the “experts” miss that?

Michael and Jasmina

The pairing of Michael and Jasmina seems right, at first glance. Believe it or not, their wedding actually moved me to tears.

While very little red flags have appeared to me, they seem to be pretty much compatible.

But upon getting to know one another, Jasmina seemed miffed Michael didn’t understand time management and shared he was busy 24/7 when it came to his job. Until episode 3 much more will appear for this couple on the upcoming issues of capability.

Steve and Noi

Steve and Noi have similar backgrounds so because of this, the “experts” paired this couple together. They didn’t take into consideration though, if Noi decided to take Steve’s last name Moy, she would have rhyming names. SMH emoji

Regardless of the rhymes, wedding day for Steve and Noi was actually beautiful. It did have the feel of an arranged marriage, indeed, with families meshing well together. Even on wedding night, when the couples went into their respective rooms, Noi seemed very submissive to her husband, as he helped her out of the traditional garment she wore after the wedding dress and showing back too. She looked very turned on by her husband, however it seems in future episodes, that look seems short lived.

Again, this could be just a one day argument, making it seem like it’s something that could have escalated looking as if the relationship is in danger of ending. While I still believe Steve and Noi are a good match, the longevity of their relationship is too soon to call.

And finally…

Alyssa and Chris

I thought this couple was a great pairing due to their love of the outdoors. But when wedding day came, everything seemed to be fine, at first. Alyssa seemed to play a great part of making us believe she was into Steve, that is until towards the end of the episode.

While speaking to one of Chris’ friends, he mentioned Chris having a condescending attitude, only because he’s trying to teach people. I don’t know if this was his friend being vindictive, maybe not feeling Alyssa was a good match. At this point anything goes why his friend said those things.

Also, to say a teacher is condescending, that’s just not a cool thing to say to anyone, even if he’s trying to sabotage their relationship, make up something else LOL.

But it seems what he said to Alyssa came with much “success”, if that was his “assignment”.

Looks to me Chris’ friend didn’t like her so he spewed this bullshit to set up the marriage for failure.

Who hasn’t had the experience of a friend sabotaging your relationship because they didn’t like your partner?

I will say this, to see the lost look on Chris’ face was heartbreaking as he was absolutely clueless why Alyssa suddenly disconnected and refused to talk to him about what was going on. On top of that, I’m left to wonder if Alyssa used this as an excuse not to be with Chris solely to due to her not having an attraction for him. Perhaps the realization was hitting her as it was getting close to time for the couples to go into their own hotel rooms and she couldn’t follow through being alone with him, let alone to sleep in the same bed.

While the coming attractions show her seemingly happy, it also seems short lived.

Overall, I would be surprised if any of these relationships surpass the final episode of the show. While I have faith in Steve and Noi, I really don’t believe all the other ones will last.

Until then. Take care of you.


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