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The Ultimatum Switcharoo

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Recently, I did a video blog on The Ultimatum.

An interesting concept, however, very messy indeed.

There was a lot I had to cut off due to time on Youtube as I’m not trying to bore people, but I had a lot to say on some of the couples’ behaviors when they made their switches from who they came in with and who they chose to spend the next three weeks with.

I’m not going to get into what I spoke about on the video, I will touch upon the two couples I didn’t get in depth with.

Shanique and Zay

While I love this paring, there was a lot that remained to be resolved with them individually.

They are the couple you would want to look like when you step out for a night out. They are both sexy and desirable, but their lack of communications and reactions to those reactions are something they both need to work on as individuals, due to the fact, no matter who they get involved with, there will still be the same lingering problems.

It was no secret Shanique is a control freak. While she was particular about certain reasonable things, like how she liked her home, etc, there were other things about her she may need to check. So of course, here comes the famous, “who gonna check me boo”, but in the game of love, communication means being open to what the other person is saying and coming to a compromise and not listening and saying, “thank you and we are still doing it my way”.

It is clear she is in love with Randall, but her jealousy got the best of her listening to Madlyn talk about Randall like that was her only boyfriend and Colby never existed. Remember that “girls night out”, where they were all talking about their “relationships”, and Madlyn was just chirping like a bird.

Shanique knew she was jealous and the jealousy got the best of her.

Zay also had his experience with Colby over some gossip (and I’m not sure what was the situation with that), but it got Zay upset enough where he had to switch seats with Randall (I think) because didn’t want to get upset where a fight would have broken out.

When Zay and Shanique got together to exchange stories, was where the problem began. As Zay was sharing what happened, Shanique was making faces which Zay mistook as a reaction to what he was saying and not so much of the story itself which led to an argument of assumptions about the facial expressions and Zay’s tone which Shanique had told him several times to take it down.

I can understand being uncomfortable in the presence of someone who’s tone may be out of control and you’re asking in a nice way to cut it down a notch, but it seemed no matter how much Zay tried to bring down his tone, it also looked like he was being pushed out and his tone was only more aggressive not because of anger, but more like he wasn’t being listened to.

I thought it was a good idea he walked out to gather himself because the argument was a little bit out of control on both of their parts, not just him, Shanique too.

Shanique was upset for another reason. The reason being listening to Madlyn drone on about how great Randall is, as if Shanique didn’t already know that. After all she was in a relationship with Randall for two years and Madlyn a fucking day…

Anyway, this led Shanique to meet up with Randall, which may have been out of turn. The reason for her meeting was to find out what exactly was going on with Madlyn and if anything was probably getting serious between the both of them.

But…and this is what I think the real meeting was for. Shanique needed “permission”, so she can act out with Zay and not feel guilty behind it.

It wasn’t soon after Shanique and Zay were both in the same bed, where a night vision camera seem to capture a moment. After that it was anyone’s guess what exactly happen.

I will say this, how bizarre there’s a camera in the room like that to capture intimate moments.

Really Netflix?

Randall and Madlyn

When Madlyn laid eyes on Randall it was like a dog salivating for a treat.

Of course, Randall is a cutie pie, but I wondered why Madlyn was so excited to get away from Colby. Did she feel some sort of sense of control from Colby? Why was she annoyed with him or got annoyed with him so easily?

She too, was another one who reacted on what she had going on with Randall. While at the, “girls night out”, she behaved like she and Randall had some deep connection going on, the fact is she came home drunk and in her drunken stupor she was insinuating stupid things about why Randall was behaving a certain way.

Sometimes being inebriated doesn’t help for any answer to come faster or make you sexy. If anything, Randall didn’t know what to do or how to react. I don’t believe in any sensitive or challenging situation, this would have been the route Shanique would have taken, but again, the idea of this show, is to have an experience with someone else and see if their last partner was the more ideal partner for them.

As I’m sure Randall empathized for Madlyn, I think in the long run he was thinking, this was not the girl for me. There was too much drama in such a short period of time.

I think about my own disaster with shitshow and I will say, if I had listen to my inner voice, I wouldn’t have altered my life to be abused by a narcissist.

That’s not to insinuate Madlyn being a narcissist, but more to recognize any unwanted drama in a relationship.

I will be dedicating my Friday to finish watching this series as I’m seeing some very altered looks at the reunion. The unnecessary badly bleached blonde hair, the very strange braid hair style and someone looks pregnant.

Until then. Take care of you.


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