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Why is Matt Buying the Victoria Hot Mess of Lies?

If it’s not bad enough, Victoria the unemployed, crown wearing, self-proclaimed queen comes in to try and steal the show, it was one relentless announcement after another on how, she is there for Matt, and everyone else is here for a sorority good time.

I’ve learned in life, if you have to make an announcement of who you say you are, you’re the complete opposite of that.

Victoria, 27, or she claims she is (did you see those bags under her eyes?), was making sure she made every woman in the house feel uncomfortable with her constant claims on how she and Matt belong together, but her little outburst remained short when she sat quietly, looking disheveled and disappointed when she wasn’t chosen for a one on one (although she did get called for a group date) but not getting the group date rose.

When the date card arrived, and Bri getting the first one on one date, the women celebrated as all do in the first few weeks of dating, Victoria announced she was not jealous, and didn’t understand “this little friendship with Bri”, she is there for Matt and not to make sorority sisters with anyone there. And since no one else was interested in what she had to say, she ended up venting to one of the producers (I presume) how she’s not there to “make fucking friends”.

She found it bizarre how the other ladies shared their excitement for Bri. Perhaps there isn’t a television available at her palace, where she may have missed previous seasons or she really is delusional about how this all works.

Victoria is just another set of ‘demon divas’, who have walked through those mansion doors, claiming they are going to win the guy and while one did, that relationship didn’t even last for the finale (anyone remember Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson?).

During the one-to-one date with Bri, Matt expressed his nervousness but yet seemed pretty comfortable in her company. Both having in common of being raised in a single parent home, I couldn’t recall much of anything else on this date, other than riding on motorbikes and conveniently falling in a pile of mud on top of each other. Someone on twitter mention it could have been stunt doubles, although Chris Harrison claimed it wasn’t, with this show, there are no surprises, well except the fireworks, which I didn’t expect so soon in the season and neither did the ladies. Leaving uncertainty so early in the “game” about where they stand with Matt.

The group date became rather interesting. Chelsea, Serena P., Abigail, Sydney, Ileana, Kristin, Lauren, Jessenia, Serena C, Kitt, Kallie, Katie, MJ, Mari, Pieper, Rachael and of course, Victoria, were all set to be part of a photoshoot, donned in wedding dresses. And as the photographer called each lady, as Mari was taking her pictures with Matt, impatient Victoria stood by the sidelines, not being able to wait her turn.

Her pictures with Matt were quite disturbing, to say the least. She had him take off the garter belt, because why not, it’s Victoria, “I’m here for Matt”. Her kisses were even more disastrous as she pulled Matt in forcing a kiss, as if Matt had no choice but to comply.

The photography game escalated when the women were split into two teams, the Red and Gold Teams. I’m not quite sure what was the object of the game as the girls threw paint and cake at each other with the Red team winning more time with Matt and Mari who was named the MVP, although from the losing team was able to join the winning team and get more time as well.

And while all the girls did get their one-on-one time, it was Lauren who ended up stealing Matt’s heart for the evening and getting the rose, leaving Victoria upset once again, not understanding what Matt sees in the other woman he doesn’t see in her being they had such a “deep moment”.

Maybe, class, Victoria?

Matt’s next one to one date was with Sarah, who quit her job to stay at home to take care of her dad who lives with ALS. Not wanting to open up during their initial get together after their plane ride, Matt was concerned over her lack of opening up. During dinner, however, she let it all out, discussing her dad’s illness and how they learned to live with the changes and how ALS affected their family.

Sometimes I think to myself, this is a great way to give a rose to someone. Let’s spill out our heart and family “issues” and give the girl a rose. I mean how can you not?

Lest not forget all of these women exude some awful vocal fry I cannot begin to understand. I want to scream at the television, clear your throat or speak with conviction. This whole vocal fry stuff, does not make you smart ladies. It’s annoying AF.

The rose ceremony arrived with the ladies who didn’t have dates or who lost out on the group date challenge, were ready to take advantage of their time with Matt.

But here’s little Miss Victoria, not only wanting to take more time than she already had, she took that opportunity to throw Marylynn under the bus after she came back with an orchid, since Matt remembered how much she loves orchids.

I’m not sure if it was Marylynn or just the mere fact Matt seems to be paying attention to the other ladies and not Victoria, which led her to create lies about Marylynn bullying her and not wanting to be roommates.

Okay, here are several things I find disturbing.

Victoria claims she’s being bullied by Marylynn or that Matt bought the story from Victoria she was being victimized by Marylynn.

Like WTF?

Someone help me out here.

Am I supposed to believe Matt is that dense?

And when Marylynn tried to have a civil conversation with Victoria, all she did was blast her, not letting her finish sharing her thoughts and making accusatory statements if Marylynn didn’t do anything wrong, “well why are you apologizing” and “I don’t want to sit next to you”, “no I don’t want to go outside because it’s freezing”.

For Matt to even believe this bullshit, would make me question does he even know what the fuck he wants.

As the night went on, Victoria’s bags under her eyes got bigger. I’m not sure if this is some female version of Pinocchio, where she lies and the bags get saggier??

Needless to say, because Matt “needed time to think”, now the ladies who needed more time with Matt, lost out thanks to Victoria and the drama she continues to bring in.

It’s clear she will get a rose being she’s featured in what’s coming up next week, unless Matt called off the ceremony? Who knows?

So far, the roses went like this, right before Sarah, who already has a rose, practically passes out, Piper, Kitt, Maggie, Rachael, Abigail, Chelsea, Jessenia, Katie and Serena C.

The episode ends with “call a medic” and Sarah saying “all I’m seeing is black”

To be Continued….

Just another day in “the most dramatic season of the bachelor”

Until then. Take Care of You.


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