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Will there be Justice for Shanquella?

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

It’s been about two weeks, when Sue Ann Robinson, the attorney representing the Robinson family, had a press conference to publicize the FBI statements regarding the death of Shanquella Robinson.

The federal agency stated, due to “lack of evidence” or “discrepancies” from evidence already collected, they concluded in their findings, Shanquella’s death as “undetermined” and there will not be any federal charges filed against the ‘Cabo 6”, as they have been dubbed on social media, for the murder of Shanquella Robinson.

Sue Ann made important notes during the press conference:

Due to social media and how viral a video can go – no one would have known about Shanquella and what happened to her in Cabo if it wasn’t for this video.

The FBI didn’t find the video evidence wasn’t enough to charge anyone for her death.

Sue Ann went on to use a recent video event example of what happened with George Floyd, when the news media reported how we were witnessing a heart attack and everyone who had seen the video knew his death was not the result of a heart attack.

It is obvious, in the United States, people of color will receive a different reception of news when it comes to crimes as oppose to “white America”, where the news coverage is mostly 24/7 on victims who have been horrifically murdered.

Gabby Petito is a prime example of this.

The one lonely video on her channel depicts a series of different days where she and traveling companion and boyfriend Brian Luandrie featured their "van life".

They traveled out West, where they videoed themselves sharing meals, cooking together with stunning ariel views of the beach and open roads. If anyone who watched this video before her death, no one would have ever contended with the thoughts of what would happen next.

In one part of that video, she had recorded herself in her tent talking about a rainstorm which occurred the day before and while whispering the contents of her video, people who viewed this section of the video after the fact, made claims, she looked like she was crying the night before and her whispering was a sign as not to anger Brian.

After viewing the video, I gathered the reason why she may have been whispering, as when she leaves the tent, you see Brian doing his yoga stretches and didn’t seem the least upset. Of course, this does not discount they didn’t argue before the rainstorm had occurred. And what may have been a face filled with crying the night before, could have been a lack of sleep.

This is just my point of view from this one video. It’s all perspective on how many people can view one video and have different opinions from what they are seeing.

As the story unfolded, Brian Laundrie arrives home alone on September 1st. To add insult to injury, as the public and official suspects, Brian’s parents knew what he did and decided to take a camping trip a few days later.

When the news outlets picked up this story, it was literally the top of the news. Unless you were living under a rock, by this time, everyone knew who Gabby Petito was.

Even after Gabby's death, the story would be told through different series of bloggers who were perplexed and angry at how so many things were missed and how her death could have been avoided. Gabby’s story also became a televised movie event.

I want to state this, before I move further.

I am not a person who believes all white people are racist. I was not raised to believe in a stereotypical concept about people, their upbringing or their background and making judgements by just passing people on the street. I have friends from all different walks of life and yes, when we are together in our conversations of jest, we can joke about our backgrounds.

The difference is, that is a conversation for us, not the world.

However, when the “jokes” become a reality of sorts, either from the media or just ignorant people, how they view us and how we should be treated is an entirely different story.

None of us can assume when we see any person of color, different religious faiths or backgrounds, come to the US to drain our resources or to conduct illegal activity.

There are people who actually come here to create a better life and build a future for themselves and their families.

Racist individuals have made it a habit to not educate themselves. They have bought into the cult mentality of thinking in believing they are superior when in fact, they are not. They spend their time listening to people who call themselves “leaders”, but these so-called leaders are only interested in draining them from their own monetary resources.

These racist individuals continue their baseless plights on fighting for political stance, yet, there isn’t anyone who’s actually visiting them and personally saving them. It isn’t until they have a “starring role” on Tiktok and get exposed for who they really are. And even then, there’s still no leader to save them.

I just want to make this clear. This article isn’t about black vs white, this is about a human being, who lost her life, in another country, by people with deep-rooted hate and jealousy. Yet we still do not have answers and/or resolutions.

Who was Shanquella Robinson?

Shanquella was born January 9, 1997. She graduated from Winston Salem State University in 2018. Shanquella was known for her business sense and style, having branded a hair boutique business, for adults and children, as well as a fashion brand.

She was a very smart and savvy business woman, who was reaching heights early on in the success of her businesses.

There have been a variety of theories of what occurred the night Shanquella was murdered. From what we can see on the video, (which is quite disturbing if you have not seen it already), we see a very tall woman fighting with a naked Shanquella.

I have my own speculations, along with others. Shanquella did not seem coherent. Was she dragged out of her sleep? Was she given something to make her weak?

In this senseless act, everyone in attendance, were holding their phones, recording, what would be evidence of a murder, as the alleged voice in the background of Khalil Cooke, asking Shanquella, “Quella you not gonna fight back?”, for which Shanquella replied, “no”, as she sat on the floor, taking in punches from the woman beating her, allegedly Daejhane Jackson.

Also, who knows if this is just part of a recording and there’s an entire recording out there from the start of when the attack happened, until the end of the attack, which I don’t doubt there is one floating out there.

I have seen many of youtubers give their take on what they suspect what went down, from where the sun was facing at the time of the attack, another person who has yet to be seen in attendance while the murder was happening, even possibly questioning the validity of Nazeer Wiggins, who claimed he arrived after the attack already happened.

According to the Mexican authorities, they have an arrest warrant out for one of the Cabo 6, charging them with femicide, which in Mexican penal code means “a woman who is murdered on account of her gender”.

We all know, everyone has an opinion, but there’s a difference of opinions and facts or even legal facts.

First let’s define what murder is:

Murder is a serious crime that involves the intentional killing of another human being.

The specific legal concepts that constitute murder may vary depending on the jurisdiction, but generally, the following elements are required to establish murder:

  • Intent: The perpetrator must have intended to cause the victim's death or serious bodily harm.

  • Malice: The perpetrator must have acted with malice aforethought, which means they had a deliberate and premeditated intent to kill.

  • Causation: The perpetrator's actions must have caused the victim's death.

  • Foreseeability: The perpetrator must have reasonably foreseen that their actions would cause the victim's death.

  • Lack of legal justification: The killing must not have been legally justified, such as in cases of self-defense or defense of others.

  • Lack of legal excuse: The killing must not have been legally excused, such as in cases of insanity or duress.

Looking at this list, it’s pretty self-explanatory, especially in thinking about serial killers.

A serial killer’s intent is just to kill. They outline their actions, without having a single thought of regret.

In the case of Shanquella, let’s just say, the perpetrator, wanted to beat up Shanquella, so they can use the video to make a mockery out of her. Still working within the guise of jealousy and hate, everyone there had the sole intent of just making a fool out of her.

Now let’s look at the flip side.

Let’s just say the perpetrator was so caught up in her jealousy and rage, she had no thoughts about just beating up her but the thoughts of killing her, “acting in malice”.

Their justification was, “Shanquella got what she deserved”.

Again, this is just speculation of what could have gone through in their minds.

Do I personally believe any of these six individuals have any regret for their actions? No, I do not. Think about what they did after the murder occurred. They bought time to make it look like an accident and then left.

The one thing that caught me was the video Nazeer made, exclaiming he arrived the next day, finding Shanquella on the floor and moving her to her side so she won’t choke on her vomit. If this was true, didn’t he think to call an ambulance? For someone to be out cold like that, would you be concerned?

The other part of this, if Shanquella died within a 15-minute period from the atlas luxation, and Nazeer arrived a half hour to an hour after the attack occurred, wouldn’t he have been met with a cold body? Granted, she may have not arrived at the rigor mortis stage, but she would have not been breathing.

And even after sitting with her for the time he claimed he did, if Nazeer helped move Shanquella’s body along with everyone else, does that mean, should he be charged after the fact.


No one can be that stupid to realize something isn’t right.

I have watched a lot of videos from Youtubers who expressed very thorough opinions of what they suspect what could have happened in Cabo.

Others, believe it or not, don’t think the Cabo 6 is as guilty. This is where it becomes more of a disturbance. It’s bad enough the Cabo 6 didn’t think anything from their actions, other than getting on a plane to go home, but when youtubers, one in particular, form opinions on the motives of Sue Ann Robinson and Shanquella’s family on plastic surgeries and trying to become reality television stars, I think this is where we need to draw the line on facts and one’s personal and unresolved grievances.

Again, as I stated before early on in this article, it is one thing to have an opinion, but when sharing your thoughts about something sensitive, such as a life being taken, there’s a process called critical thinking, which many people do not have in this day and age. Most people just run their mouths, without thinking of the consequences that come right after making unfounded claims.

To make assumptions and accusations about Sue Ann Robinson, that her goals are just to be a reality television star, is insulting for this particular youtuber to even blurt out on her own channel.

It’s actually disgusting, if you ask me.

This youtubers actions is no different from the Cabo 6 recording the beating Shanquella took.

I won’t make claims anything I’ve said on my youtube channel about reality television “stars” have been kind. Yes, I do have my own thoughts and opinions, but one thing you don’t see is me making unfounded claims about what I’m seeing on television is factual, especially if it did not happen.

The fact remains, there are six people who hold the ‘keys’, if you will, about what happened on October 29, 2022, and while they may have taken a vow of silence, all of that can change in a heartbeat. They can all go on thinking they may have gotten away with murder, and let it be known, murder has no statute of limitation.

The focus should remain on getting justice for Shanquella.

Until then. Take care of you.

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Truth Teller
Truth Teller
Sep 12, 2023

It's coming up on a year Shanq was murdered. Getting tired of seeing this unalive bullshit. These social outlets need to get with the truth. She was murdered!!! And those f**** are running free.

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