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Ruby Franke and Jodi Hildebrandt - The Most Disgusting Human Beings to Exist on This Planet

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Here are some prime examples of what not to do when one decides to have children and raise them - coming from a woman who’s not a mother or shall I put it frankly, never bore children:

  • Lock them in a room for an extended period of time.

  • Tie them up or use masking tape.

  • Make them sleep in a bean bag for 7 months as a form of punishment for playing pranks.

  • Starve them.

And these are just a few examples of the felony charges against Ruby Franke and her buddy Jodi Hildebrant.

Social media has been busy reporting on Ruby Franke, the former YouTube vlogger on the now deleted, ‘8 Passengers’ channel, which featured Ruby as the “model mother” as an “advisor” of parenting.

I never watched this channel, nor did I have an inkling such channel existed. I guess because I’m just this motherless being who YouTube feels it doesn’t fit in my “algorithm”, which is rather ridiculous. I actually enjoy watching several vloggers who discuss parenthood, the challenges of parenthood, while managing their career, and keeping their child as top priority in their lives.

I would rather not even mix up really good parent vlogger channels onto this blog, so I will leave those names out and include them in a much more positive post.

I don’t believe it doesn’t take not being a mother, to know when child abuse is present.

Ruby Franke launched her YouTube channel in 2015, eloquently titled, ‘8 Passengers’, reflecting herself, her husband and her 6 children.

She portrayed herself as the “model Mormon” mother, giving, what she called, “advice” on parenting, even when met with much criticism.

Now you see, here’s my number one problem in all of this, religion.

I’m not saying all religion is to blame on this type of behavior, but if you look at history, even up to our present day, mostly all of catastrophes have been caused in the name of cultish and outlandish religious beliefs.

Ruby Franke’s parenting style was questioned by many of the 2 plus million followers she had. For example, that time she punished her son for pranking his siblings and had him sleep on a bean bag for 7 months.

What kind of bullshit is that? Do you know how many pranks my sister and I played on each other and my parents? And when my brother was born 12 years later, as soon as he was old enough, no doubt, he was a willing participant to play pranks. There wouldn’t be enough days in the years to live out our punishments, if my parents were radicalized into some sick concept of having us sleep on the floor or a beanbag.

What about the time her young daughter forgot her lunch…and because of that, she felt okay with sharing with the world how she needs to learn and hopefully no one will feed her. Her ideal of, “well she needs to learn her lesson” and if that meant her child would sit there and starve, that was just fine in Ruby’s book.

Wait there’s more! What about the time she threatened not to buy Christmas gifts because they weren’t honoring their “hard labor” punishment, or the time she threatened to cut the head off a stuffed toy?

Was Ruby trying to be a modern day “Mommie Dearest”?

You know that movie where allegedly, Joan Crawford abused and mistreated her daughter Christina.

Just an ‘FYI’, the movie, Mommie Dearest, wasn’t made as a DIY on how to raise your children.

My good friend, A Girl in a Plant world, we have discussed Ruby Franke in detail. She focuses her Tiktok content on cults ( – and conveying the sadistic behaviors of the cult mentality and what to look out for when protecting yourself in listening to others who think they are better in parenting, especially when people utilize popular social media apps to gain a larger and more vulnerable audience.

Parenting isn’t an easy task, and me, who’s not a mother, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the challenges of motherhood.

Being a parent requires a lot of patience and lack of selfishness. Being selfish as a mother and making your children’s lives about your needs, doesn’t fit in the realm of parenthood.

Granted no parent is perfect and they aren’t supposed to be. Being a parent means you are learning and your child is learning through you. They rely on parents for their basic needs, things they cannot do on their own.

To see a baby in a tub and she’s complaining, how much she stinks. Well bitch clean up your child.

It wasn’t like this bitch didn’t have a choice to have babies….oh wait, maybe because of her stupid ass religion, she can’t use any form of birth control pills, because it’s forbidden.

Yeah, I know people won’t agree with this concept, but this is the reason why I’m writing this as a blog, because Youtube as a profound sense of scanning what’s acceptable and what is not.

How did the “back office” Youtubers miss all this? They are so quick to copyright strike and take away feature access from people if they didn’t follow the guidelines, yet, a woman, who is a mother of six children, who openly discussed child abuse, not only had more than 2 million followers, but was able to monetize on that channel and make a lot of money. How sad how Youtube just forked over money and turned their heads to the abuse purported on that channel whenever she posted content and whenever that content was viewed by people, time and time again.

I know people reported her content, as well as CPS was contacted numerous times but claim to have found nothing or the home didn’t show any signs of abuse. Clearly the social workers at CPS didn’t take these allegations seriously.

It reminds me of the movie, Silence of the Lambs, where Buffalo Bill had a normal looking house, but somewhere in the back of the house, was a hole in the ground, and a girl he planned to murder. I know this sounds extreme, but echoing something Dr. Grande said on his channel, looking at the background of Jodi’s house, while she and Ruby were sitting on this couch, shit talking, were the kids in another part of the house, tied up to a chair? Sounds sick when you think about it, as sickening as it is to write it and how true it can be.

On top of that we are supposed to believe this bitch is 41 years old. She about to age 15 years now that her ass is holed up in jail with her girlfriend Jodi.

Kevin Franke

As of yet, Ruby Franke’s husband, Kevin, has not been charged, considering he had left the home some time ago.

His attorney says he’s a kind person, however, how can he be so kind when he allowed a punishment to go on for seven months. How does anyone sleep at night knowing their son isn’t sleeping on a bed and getting the proper rest a growing child needs.

I think Kevin should hang tight, because he may be found liable. It’s like witnessing a murder and not saying anything.

Note to everyone, if you stand by and watch someone get murdered, you’re liable. End of story.

Shari Franke

Shari Franke, the eldest daughter to Ruby, took to Instagram posting a picture with a cop car and captioned, “Finally”, when her mom and Jodi were arrested.

I have so many questions about her situation, having lived with an abusive mother or did it not start out that way?

After doing some research, it seems as though Jodi Hildebrant had been around the family for a while, and conned Ruby in joining a radicalized “life coaching” cult, ConneXions.

I know this story is unfolding and probably Shari can only share so much about the situation at her former home, but I have my suspicions about Jodi’s relationship with Ruby.

She did make comments about feeling uneasy when Jodi started to change the dynamic in her family and the “extreme beliefs” Jodi was purporting, didn’t sit right with her, but didn’t say anything so she can feel included.

Shari also questioned herself, in going against the beliefs of her parents. This gave her a sense of guilt, as she was raised to not question her parents’ integrity. However, after being around them for an extended period of time, the minute she was away from them, she felt extremely drained, having to hear this nonsense.

While Shari states she’s glad her mom is away and her siblings are safe, she also requested respect and privacy from the public as this is her family.

I can absolutely empathize with Shari, however, this is a case that will be publicized and people will want to know and follow every step of the way as we learn more about the details of the torture the children incurred under Ruby and Jodi’s care.

That being said, before we discuss Jodi, I want to say this about the mass of Tiktokers who wanted to attend the court and began arguing in a courtroom.

The rule of the law in a courtroom, you rise when the bailiff tells you to rise when the judge enters the court room. The judge will instruct you to sit after he or she has sat down.

  • There is no talking.

  • There is no cell phone or any type of smart device used while court is in session.

  • Your device must be on silent, not on vibrate.

  • Speaking out of turn in the court room, making comments, yelling or disagreeing, will get you one of several things or all: contempt of court, jail time and a fine.

Trust me when I tell you, you don’t want that. I know people are in their presumptuous and egotistical ways or some just hang out with their phone all day posting Tiktoks and aren’t aware of courtroom etiquette is. Learn to have respect in a courtroom.

Who is Jodi Hildebrandt?

And this is where everything becomes questionable.

According to Jodi’s site she is an “Author. Educator. Mother”

I didn’t see if she had children to back up actually being a mother, or did she just give herself that title amongst the minions signing up for her fake education courses.

Her site is still up and I’m gathering, someone may be running it for her while she’s in jail, being she’s never going to leave there, moving forward.

Let me just put this out there, as a certified life coach…life coaching is a temporary course of sessions to help you target certain areas of your life you wish to improve.

While there are life coaches who may have group seminars or speaking engagements where they speak to people maybe per month, just to keep everyone on their toes, a life coach is never a guru or some form of religious head where you have to live the way they direct you to live.

That’s not the job of a life coach, not now, not ever.

People who want to be some sort of guru and have followers, while calling themselves a life coach is when you need to question everything about that person. If there’s someone telling you, you can only eat certain foods, wear certain clothing or color of the garments, this is jiving in with cult mentality.

If you have a person who calls themselves a life coach, giving you a list to abide by in order for you to join them and that list includes that you must cut yourself off from your family or friends, this is a cult.

Life coaches are not forever. They are a guide to help you strengthen what you feel you may be lacking. A life coach is here to supply you with the tools you need so you can conquer the world.

I don’t know what Jodi was like when she first began her career. She claims to have a Bachelor’s of Art degree in English and her graduate work in Educational Psychology, earning a Master’s degree in science. I don’t think earning that type of a degree, you can call her “doctor”.

Her site also goes on to mention how she has 24 workbooks and produced 22 DVD’s. I wonder how much they cost…?

I don’t know if Jodi’s intentions were, “well when I get my degree, I’m going to establish a cult center and everyone will follow me and I will be a goddess to them.”

Of course, I’m making up when she could have been thinking in her mind, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t farfetched.

In closing, there will be a lot of unfolding with this case.

Keep in mind, there are children involved and these little beings have suffered tremendously. The radicalized conditioning Ruby Franke has imposed on them will take years to undo so they can feel confident about themselves and their lives.

It’s sad when you lose a mom, but to lose a mom in the way they have, I can only hope they see the light, and begin to heal and never have to see that woman again.

Until then. Take care of you.

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Truth Teller
Truth Teller
12 sept. 2023

You're right, they both an incredibly disgusting beings.

Truth Teller
Truth Teller
13 sept. 2023
En réponse à

She sure does. I can't understand how or why she got away with this for so long. CPS should be held liable.

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