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The Shade of the Drama in the ATL

Welcome back to a new season of RHOA.

This is my favorite show of all the housewives. They throw the perfect shades and they always have a new tag line that last forever.

While Porsha is saying bye to the ashes, Kenya Moore is back with more problems than what she left with. Now married or half married, whatever you want to call it, she gave birth to her beautiful baby Brooklyn, but is more of a single mother than a woman who is happily married.

Now from one woman to another, who is more or less, in the same place, being single, trying to find a guy who’s actually real with himself, doesn’t keep his feelings to himself, etc., I can understand Kenya’s position.

However, I will always find this whole wedding thing suspicious. Suspicious in the sense, why did she get married with none of her best friends present to help her celebrate? Why wasn’t this man, somewhat of a figment in her life, while she on the RHOA…hmm now that I’m thinking about it, maybe so no one would spoil her surprise engagement.

Boy it took me a minute to figure that one out.

What I don’t like is how this husband of hers is not on her side at all. It’s almost as if he can’t stand her as much as Marlo does. What a strange relationship. Who knows what agreement they have and what they are benefiting from it.

Speaking of Marlo, seems as Marlo is getting a bigger part. Now while Marlo wasn’t always my favorite, I do love her forthcoming honesty, especially when she calls people on their shit, even Nene. And while Nene may not like it, it doesn’t seem as though she will abandon her friendship with Marlo….at least not this round. Because we all know what went down a few years ago.

So I’m happy to see Nene and Marlo’s friendship still going, even when Nene does not like what Marlo has to say.

Marlo recently had a launch event of her wigs…Kenya decided to bust in on her event with a marching band with her useless hair product, which was real fucked up. But I guess Kenya has to earn her keep, now that she’s back.

And while all the drama and gossip trails from one event to another, Eva who didn’t want to bring her children to the “Barbie party” because she didn’t want her children in a negative environment isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? Eva is one of the worst of the bunch and with her being pregnant, she really can’t get into fights with anyone.

Porsha, who is in her own battle, after finding out Dennis was cheating on her while she was pregnant PJ…let me pause in my sarcasm for a minute.

Here’s something that’s really fucked up and I wish a man would explain to me, why???

I mean seriously, why? The man went out all out her. He bought her a big ring, gifts, flowers and saw she had a baby reveal party (even though it was kind of messy), and he goes and cheats on her.

Something I will just never understand. I mean why bother then, if any man is just interested in not settling down.

Look, all relationships are different. You have your relationships where people like to swing and have sex with other people either present in the room or not. You have your Dominate/sub relationships and then you have your vanilla relationships which is where Dennis and Porsha fall under as most of these women do, well except for Kandi, well allegedly,

Regardless of the relationship, the fact is any couple will have to understand the levels of boundaries and respect and Dennis did not respect this relationship at all and shame on him.

While Dennis is trying to mend his relationship with Porsha, Kenya doesn’t look like she has much of a relationship.

And Kandi who seems happily married, also seems to be funding a lot of Todd’s projects. Maybe this is his way of protecting himself in the event he and Kandi split up due to him having to sign the prenup where if they did get a divorce he would be left with nothing. But look Todd and Kandi seem reasonably happy. They have a surrogate carrying their new baby girl since both of their baby girls aren’t babies all that much anymore. Kandi’s daughter is interested in becoming an attorney, so they shipped her off to NYC in a swanky apartment where she can intern at her friend’s law firm (not with Phadrea LOL).

Todd on the other hand is ensuring his daughter’s safety by hanging out with her at a titty bar, because after all, a father must defend his daughter.

Tanya Is still part of the cast, her and her happy go lucky self.

And with her energetic return, she comes up with an idea to bring everyone together to Toronto, Canada for Carnival. As the ladies made the trip to Canada, there was the “dark cloud” looming if Nene was going to be there. Long and behold she does show up, makes up with Eva, but the rest, like Cynthia (we’ll get to her in a minute), Porsha and Kenya.

No matter what happens, know this, I will always side with Nene. I love the other woman but Nene is my girl.

Now off to Cynthia.

With all the botox she has injected, she barely looks like the youthful Cynthia she looked when she first started on the show.

Now a single woman, well not for a long time, after dating lying ass Will Jones, the one where Eva said he had a girlfriend, and he was claiming he was seeing now one, now newly engaged to Mike Hill.

Cynthia who wanted to play the field, or so she said, couldn’t’ wait to settle down. She reminded me a little bit of Vicki on Real Housewives of Orange County, when she was drinking a glass of wine with her boyfriend, says cheers and will you marry me.

Tacky, tacky, tacky.

I’m a old school girl. I’m not trying to buy a ring and ask no man to marry me. I want the whole tradition. That’s just me.

But to be dating someone and constantly badgering for a ring and a wedding is a no.

And not much to my surprise, because Kenya spoiled it for me, Cynthia finally got her way with Mike Hill and he proposed to her on her opening night for her wine cellar.


Ohhh I can go on but I’m going to leave it at this because there’s so much more to get to.

So like a cliffhanger…

Until then.

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